Learning about Music and its Effects

The study of music and its effects on society are vital things to learn as this form of communication affects all types of people whether they be children or senior citizens, once we learn its effects it can be used to inform others about serious world problems or helping them optimize their way of life. Music is said to create many emotions on people depending on the rhythm and the lyrics of a song, it can make a person feel happy or inspired. This is all due to the relationship of how the beat of the song shifts the listeners mood and the lyrics appeal to their subconscious or memories. If people studied these connections more in depth a song’s message could be stronger and thus have a greater appeal to someone, an example being putting a stop to bullying or preventing discrimination of others anywhere and everywhere. Not only that, but such knowledge could help people with depression, lifting their state of mind and preventing the use of drugs for emotional illnesses, helping others stay away from depression while driving them to stay positive. Learning how these changes could improve society would be a great step into a deeper connection and can provide a better understanding of what people feel, while making others feel optimistic and stress-free. In the end, understanding music and how it affects society would be beneficial, allowing the people to create better communication methods between each other and reinforcing a method to better distribute a message the world needs to hear.


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