Rappers Who Made a Difference

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Rapping is part of the Hip-Hop culture which started around the 1970’s and throughout history there have been 2 significant rappers who have had a tremendous impact on society and its listeners, those being Tupac Shakur and Marshall Mathers/Eminem. Even though they were beginning to emerge around different decades each one presented a purpose and voice that set them apart from the rest of the rappers of their time. Tupac’s main topics were about social injustices and the struggles in the cities, he connected with the people and spoke for them not only in message but through the presentation of the music as well, and without it nobody would’ve heard what he had to say. These topics were hard to mention as society didn’t want to deal with them, but Tupac stood out and confronted the situation inspiring listeners to face the issues with the powerful music he produced. On the other hand, Eminem focused on personal problems and the conflicts within a person, he focused on his life and his internal struggles as he faced many in childhood and adulthood. This not only made people understand his pain, but relate to him in obstacles they faced in life as well telling the people that although problems were present and someone could be down in the dumps, others were the same in some form bringing forth connections and fortitude through the music. Through their messages people could relate to what they had to say and that is what brought about their fame, it was the lyrics and the connection people felt with them. It wasn’t because they were dope and cool that Tupac and Eminem became famous but rather their style and what they had to offer to society.


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