Rap Survey Results

A survey was created between two people in which they asked others to respond on their thoughts about rap music and their relationship. There were unexpected outcomes that surprised me, one was whether people had only rap music in their playlist or they combined it with other genres. It was expected that they would have it separated individually but most of the survey takers responded with the fact that they combined many genres with the rap music. One would think that if someone is in a certain mood they would only have a playlist with only rap music to listen to but that wasn’t the case. Another interesting result that came from out data was the artist they chose to listen for the rest of their life, although it did vary and it sometimes wasn’t subject to just rap artists. People’s answers resonated with the playlist question analyzed earlier, depicting the variety of music choice someone has and the connection between someone’s listening habits and the artist they prefer to listen to. This goes to show that although some people do stick to the norm of listening to rap most of the time there are others who prefer a mix of genres which might have similar effects as rap but with distinct beats and lyrics.


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