Expression Through Rap Music

Rap is thought to be a form of music in which people express an idea or a feeling for self-reflection or in representation of a group of people. In reality rap is not a certain type of music in itself, but rather a form of expression which should be allowed to be used by people from any culture rather than just blacks. Recently many people have begun to use this style in order to attain fame or emphasize their feelings, examples being Hispanics, Koreans, Whites, etc. Although many use this style, others believe it is cultural appropriation, meaning people steal from another culture in a negative way. One person who opposes is Philip Carl Salzman (2017) which states that “…every culture is a result of borrowing from earlier cultures and neighbouring cultures”(pg. 2). This gives the audience understanding of a culture’s origins and the fact that everyone took from others preceding them. Making the listeners realize that although it might’ve originated from a different ethnic group it can be borrowed by others, just as language had been used and transformed by the English or Spanish and how clothing styles have been adapted by other cultures. Coming to the realization that its fine to borrow or express through different cultures so long as the integrity of the culture itself and your own culture are respected and acknowledged equally.


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