Advice on Writing Essays

Writing an essay is not easy, especially if English isn’t your strong suit, but that is why asking for advice and looking for help is always a smart thing to do. Whether it be at a tutoring center or asking a teacher, these simple tasks can make an essay stronger. Students usually don’t like to go to tutoring centers as they feel uncertain of its usefulness and fear people’s criticism. That is not the case, especially in college, tutors are very understanding of a student’s situation, and can help them correct their grammar and find errors in the organization or flow of the paper. Through this, the student gets feedback on how to improve the essay and fix oversights they might’ve missed, due to reading the same paper many times. Another way in which a student can improve their essay would be asking the teacher, although it might seem like teachers are unwilling, asking for help doesn’t do any harm. The teacher’s revisions and comments on your paper could greatly help in leading your essay in the format and substance your instructor wants it to reach. Not only does this help by including your evidence and its support, but it allows the student to make sure they are on the right track. These tips are simple and don’t affect you in a negative way, but the benefits are very useful as the replies and comments from experienced professors and peers push students to become great writers themselves.


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