Advice on Writing Essays

Writing an essay is not easy, especially if English isn’t your strong suit, but that is why asking for advice and looking for help is always a smart thing to do. Whether it be at a tutoring center or asking a teacher, these simple tasks can make an essay stronger. Students usually don’t like to go to tutoring centers as they feel uncertain of its usefulness and fear people’s criticism. That is not the case, especially in college, tutors are very understanding of a student’s situation, and can help them correct their grammar and find errors in the organization or flow of the paper. Through this, the student gets feedback on how to improve the essay and fix oversights they might’ve missed, due to reading the same paper many times. Another way in which a student can improve their essay would be asking the teacher, although it might seem like teachers are unwilling, asking for help doesn’t do any harm. The teacher’s revisions and comments on your paper could greatly help in leading your essay in the format and substance your instructor wants it to reach. Not only does this help by including your evidence and its support, but it allows the student to make sure they are on the right track. These tips are simple and don’t affect you in a negative way, but the benefits are very useful as the replies and comments from experienced professors and peers push students to become great writers themselves.

Expression Through Rap Music

Rap is thought to be a form of music in which people express an idea or a feeling for self-reflection or in representation of a group of people. In reality rap is not a certain type of music in itself, but rather a form of expression which should be allowed to be used by people from any culture rather than just blacks. Recently many people have begun to use this style in order to attain fame or emphasize their feelings, examples being Hispanics, Koreans, Whites, etc. Although many use this style, others believe it is cultural appropriation, meaning people steal from another culture in a negative way. One person who opposes is Philip Carl Salzman (2017) which states that “…every culture is a result of borrowing from earlier cultures and neighbouring cultures”(pg. 2). This gives the audience understanding of a culture’s origins and the fact that everyone took from others preceding them. Making the listeners realize that although it might’ve originated from a different ethnic group it can be borrowed by others, just as language had been used and transformed by the English or Spanish and how clothing styles have been adapted by other cultures. Coming to the realization that its fine to borrow or express through different cultures so long as the integrity of the culture itself and your own culture are respected and acknowledged equally.

Rap Survey Results

A survey was created between two people in which they asked others to respond on their thoughts about rap music and their relationship. There were unexpected outcomes that surprised me, one was whether people had only rap music in their playlist or they combined it with other genres. It was expected that they would have it separated individually but most of the survey takers responded with the fact that they combined many genres with the rap music. One would think that if someone is in a certain mood they would only have a playlist with only rap music to listen to but that wasn’t the case. Another interesting result that came from out data was the artist they chose to listen for the rest of their life, although it did vary and it sometimes wasn’t subject to just rap artists. People’s answers resonated with the playlist question analyzed earlier, depicting the variety of music choice someone has and the connection between someone’s listening habits and the artist they prefer to listen to. This goes to show that although some people do stick to the norm of listening to rap most of the time there are others who prefer a mix of genres which might have similar effects as rap but with distinct beats and lyrics.

Rappers Who Made a Difference

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Rapping is part of the Hip-Hop culture which started around the 1970’s and throughout history there have been 2 significant rappers who have had a tremendous impact on society and its listeners, those being Tupac Shakur and Marshall Mathers/Eminem. Even though they were beginning to emerge around different decades each one presented a purpose and voice that set them apart from the rest of the rappers of their time. Tupac’s main topics were about social injustices and the struggles in the cities, he connected with the people and spoke for them not only in message but through the presentation of the music as well, and without it nobody would’ve heard what he had to say. These topics were hard to mention as society didn’t want to deal with them, but Tupac stood out and confronted the situation inspiring listeners to face the issues with the powerful music he produced. On the other hand, Eminem focused on personal problems and the conflicts within a person, he focused on his life and his internal struggles as he faced many in childhood and adulthood. This not only made people understand his pain, but relate to him in obstacles they faced in life as well telling the people that although problems were present and someone could be down in the dumps, others were the same in some form bringing forth connections and fortitude through the music. Through their messages people could relate to what they had to say and that is what brought about their fame, it was the lyrics and the connection people felt with them. It wasn’t because they were dope and cool that Tupac and Eminem became famous but rather their style and what they had to offer to society.

Learning about Music and its Effects

The study of music and its effects on society are vital things to learn as this form of communication affects all types of people whether they be children or senior citizens, once we learn its effects it can be used to inform others about serious world problems or helping them optimize their way of life. Music is said to create many emotions on people depending on the rhythm and the lyrics of a song, it can make a person feel happy or inspired. This is all due to the relationship of how the beat of the song shifts the listeners mood and the lyrics appeal to their subconscious or memories. If people studied these connections more in depth a song’s message could be stronger and thus have a greater appeal to someone, an example being putting a stop to bullying or preventing discrimination of others anywhere and everywhere. Not only that, but such knowledge could help people with depression, lifting their state of mind and preventing the use of drugs for emotional illnesses, helping others stay away from depression while driving them to stay positive. Learning how these changes could improve society would be a great step into a deeper connection and can provide a better understanding of what people feel, while making others feel optimistic and stress-free. In the end, understanding music and how it affects society would be beneficial, allowing the people to create better communication methods between each other and reinforcing a method to better distribute a message the world needs to hear.